"Siobhan Leonard found her ideal inner landscape in forests. When she heard Suzanne Simard’s talk on the complexity of forest ecology, in which she argues that the forest bears comparison with neural and social networks, something clicked with her. She realized she had found her subject. The beautifully flowing, interwoven patterns of her paintings embody the collective nature of both forests and human communities" - Aidan Dunne, Irish Times  Visual Arts Critic

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As an artist my work is rooted to the land and ecological concerns.


I consider the elements of what are essential in my painting. That is, what are the core elements that are needed to communicate the necessary understanding. I have been working towards lyrical motifs, recognising the feminine throughout by use of colours and organic motifs, enhanced by a sensitive application of gestures onto canvas and board. 

Subject Matter

In my forest series, I consider the root systems and fungal networks, the circulatory system of the forest and using the motif of the dripping effect, this allowed an interconnection within the painting. There is a constant referral to the Japanese aesthetic and Japanese painting within my art practice.

My Homage to the Hedgerows, are  a continued observation of what is within reach of all of us and what is taken for granted, pulled apart and ripped so easily. The slow disappearance of our hedgerows and trees to create boarders and divisions by breeze blocks and concrete. 


-Gained my Master of Education in Fine Art with Digital Media.



- First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art Painting, GMIT, Galway, Ireland


- Affordable Art Fair in London - Hampstead represented by Bowlish Art Gallery UK

- 'Belonging' a curated exhibition with Pat Fitspatrick, Will O'Kane and Dermot

   McNevin at the Source Arts Centre, Thurles, Co. Tipperary. 13th March-26th April.

- 'Bealtaine' at The Source Arts Centre , Thurles, Co. Tipperary



- 'Art Source 2013, RDS, Dublin

- European Commission exhibition in The LEX building in Brussels. Celebrating the

   Irish European Presidency. January- March 2013

- Avenue Road Gallery, Dublin

- Gala Event organised by ' Femme d'Europe', celebrating the Irish Presidency 2013

- Russell Gallery, Co. Clare, 'Burren in Bloom Exhibition'.


- Hunt Museum Christmas Art and craft Expo
- Millcove gallery, Co. Cork (open submission competition)

- Chelsea International Art competition, New York, (winning entrant)

- St. John’s international Art Exhibition, Waterloo, Belgium- group exhibition

- AWCB, Brussels - Solo exhibition.

- Green Door Studio gallery, Brussels - group exhibition


- Birr Arts festival, Birr, Co. Offaly- group exhibition

- Europol Art and Craft Expo, Brussels


- Leuven Institute, Leuven - ‘Culture night’ linked with Temple Bar Cultural Trust, Dublin

- Artefacto.be, ‘Art on the Waterfront’, Ghent

- Expart gallery, Brussels ‘Landlines’ – Joint exhibition with Helen Tyrrell

- BAAF 2010 (Brussels Accessible Art Fair)

- St. John’s International Art Exhibition, Waterloo, Belgium- group exhibition

- EESC (EU) ‘Diversity in Unity ‘Exhibition, Brussels, Belgium


- BAAF 2009 (Brussels Accessible Art Fair)

- St John’s International Art Exhibition, Waterloo, Belgium – group exhibition


- BAAF 2008 (Brussels Accessible Art Fair)


- “HIDE” – Davern & Bell Gallery, Limerick, Ireland. Joint exhibition with ceramic artist

    Thomas Wollen


- “Art in Unusual Places” exhibition and Nenagh Art Trail with North Tipperary Arts Office
- “IN SIGHT”, Nenagh Town Civic Offices, Nenagh, Co Tipperary, Ireland


- “Art in Unusual Places” exhibition, Nenagh, Co Tipperary, with North Tipperary Arts